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This dog who may never trust again


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Raccoon City Destroyed So You Could Wear BSAA Outfits in REmake

Capcom’s viral marketing campaign was a success… as measured by the staggering loss of life throughout the sleepy little mountain community of Raccoon City.

Okay, it was more like red splotches growing on a tiny map on Capcom’s site, but that tiny map’s doom was our reward because now, once Resident Evil Remake Remastered HD X releases early 2015, you’ll be able to equip Chris and Jill in their BSAA uniforms circa RE5 era (which is the best selling Resident Evil of all time — a fact I take the same kind of joy in reminding people as sociopaths enjoy smothering others’ dreams).

And this video does answer the most pressing question: Yes, donning Chris’ BSAA suit means his famed Boulder Bashing physique features in the game.

"Not this time, you son of a bitch."